Rise Venture Fund uses an opportunistic private equity strategy with a focus on, Commercial real estate, themed developments, international brand development with Pro Athletes, Celebrities and other consumer-facing sectors. Rise Venture fund has an experienced develop team that has developed and managed over 7m square feet of development with some of the biggest Hotel resorts in the world as well as working and consulting with some of the biggest brands in the world. 

The firm maintains a merchant’s focus on its investment portfolio by designing, developing, building, owning, and operating each of its investments. Rise Venture Fund is driven by first-hand knowledge of all operational aspects of its entities.



  • Identification of potential investments begins with insight provided by Rise Above Wealth’s network of business and consumer services, contacts as well as its operational experience. Economic sector and marketplace analyses are performed to determine attractive areas to invest.

  • Due diligence focuses on a thorough analysis of each opportunity and ongoing research which may include credit analysis, fundamental financial analysis, management reviews, and operational reviews before financial models/proformas are created.

  • Portfolio positions are determined on a relative basis according to individually set risk/return criteria. The major focus is on real estate, high volume consumer goods, securities and quick service restaurant sector.

  • The risk management process begins with maintaining control over every aspect of a business. The operational staff maintains a thorough knowledge of the investments and seasoned management teams run each investment to minimize the volatility of returns




In the Rise Above World, we create a business environment where we align ourselves with our clients and our principals, investing alongside them as an indication of our faith in a particular investment. Our clients are our partners.


By vertically integrating the various elements of a business process, we maximize the opportunity for investors. The symbiotic relationship amongst many of our entities allows economic sustainability



Rise VC does not count on chance when it comes to investing. We manage every dollar that our partners invest from due diligence of a project to managing the day-to-day operations. We take control of our success and protect you in the process


With our philosophies, we have excelled in healthcare and we have learned that we are able to diversify our partners’ portfolios if we stand by our principles. We review opportunities outside of healthcare on a regular basis, but will not move forward until we feel comfortable that we will be able to become an expert in another industry and the operators we choose put their “skin in the game "